What’s the Best Small Wine Cooler to Buy?

Best Small Wine Cooler to Buy…..

Do you identify yourself as a wine lover? If the answer is “yes”, this article is meant for you. When it comes to wine, one of the things that often frustrate people is how susceptible it is to environmental factors – including light and heat. Even a minor change may completely ruin its taste. For this reason, a wine cooler is always recommended to preserve the wine’s flavor for long. 

Here, we have compiled a list of the best small wine coolers – each of which is analyzed in detail to make you better understand if they are a good fit for you. We hope that after reading through the article, you should be able to figure out at least one satisfactory option.

How do I choose a Small/ Mini Wine Cooler?

Now that we have known some of the best small wine coolers, it’s time for us to understand a few important criteria to consider – before making a purchase.

Wine Cooler Types

When it comes to type, there are a lot of options out there: countertop, freestanding, etc. For those who prefer some kind of versatility, the popular freestanding type is possibly worth the investment. However, if space saving is one of your concerns, an under-the-counter cooler is probably the better choice. And if you don’t need to store too many bottles (i.e: only 4-20), then a small countertop model is the way to go.

Cooling Zones

For those who only need to store some specific types of wine (white, red), you’d better stick to a single-zone model. That being said, if you identify yourself as a hardcore wine enthusiast, a dual-zone model that enable separate temperature settings is better recommended for you.

Cooling Technology

This is meant to be a consideration for those who care about quiet operation. Below is a breakdown of a few technologies available now:

– Compressor: As the most popular cooling technology now, compressor is generally the way to go – that is, if you don’t care about weight and noise.

-Thermoelectric: The selling points of this technology are its energy efficiency and vibration-free operation. However, keep in mind that thermoelectric coolers only work well if the ambient temperature is neither too low or high.

-Hybrid: As the name might have suggested, coolers using this technology boast the selling points of the two former options – at the cost of a generally high price.

Reviews Of The Best Small/ Mini Wine Cooler on the market

1. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Refrigerator

Nutrichef PKCWC120 Refrigerator

As a high-quality mini wine chiller, Nutrichef PKCWC120 is the perfect “container” for both white and red wine – hence, if you are a wine enthusiast, good news for you! Not to mention, it is capable of storing up to 12 bottles of wine at the same time.

Nutrichef PKCWC120 is designed using advanced compressor cooling technologies. Thanks to the featured adjustable temperature setting, you are able to choose the exact heat range necessary to store your favorite beverages. Inside, there are numerous built-in LED lights, circulation fan, as well as ventilation grill – all of these help to make operation much simpler for users. 

The product’s sleek and modern design makes it a welcoming addition to any room in any house. And don’t forget, Nutrichef offers a full 1-year warranty, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!


Compact, contemporary design.

Can store up to 12 bottles.

Temperature control that allows users to switch between 41 – 64°.

Automatic lock feature to ensure child safety.

Quiet operation.


Some customers have supported that it may not work properly some time.

2. Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

Ivation’s small wine fridge is designed using up-to-date compressor technologies, which help preserve the wine’s temperature against all environmental factors. It is capable of maintaining the temperature from 41-64° F – that should be enough for you to keep your favorite bottle of white wine for long.

Operation with this wine cooler is pretty simple – just pick the temperature you desire, and let it take care of everything else. Inside, there is a built-in fan that helps ensure unobstructed air circulation – this, in turn, should provide the perfect condition for wine storage. On top of that, the thermopane door is there to protect the wine from UV lights.

With numerous LED lights to light up all labels, Ivation’s wine cooler is the perfect choice even for newbies. Not to mention, an LCD display is featured for simpler operation, and the racks are detachable for easy cleanup.


Touch controls.

Unobstructed air circulation.

Thermopane glass door that completely repels UV lights.

Removable racks for easy cleanup and storage of differently sized bottles.

Energy-efficient LED lighting


The fridge may break down after a few years of constant usage.

3. 20L Compact Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge/Wine Cooler

Compact Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge/Wine Cooler

With a storage capacity of 20L, this wine cooler is spacious enough for you to store a bunch of stuffs in case you are about to set off for a long journey. Despite being spacious, it is still compact enough to fit into most car trunks/seats easily.

As you may have seen from the name, this is a dual-purpose cooler – which means it is suitable for both cooling and warming beverages. For the latter purpose, you can use it to keep things warm up to 65 degrees C. Thanks to the featured LCD display and easy-to-use control setting, adjusting the temperature to the proper range should be simple – and possible with just a few button touches.

The wine cooler can be placed in a variety of places – in your dorm room, in the office, or even in your car. Not to mention, its efficient energy consumption and 1-year warranty policy mean your investment should pay off eventually.


Perfect air circulation.

Quiet operation.

Simple, easy-to-use buttons.

Dual-purpose wine cooler that is capable of storing other types of drinks.


Some customers report that it is not cold enough.

4. Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler is the perfect companion for those who wish to protect their wine from the damaging effects of heat – with a temperature range from 40-60 degrees F, it will surely provide an “antarctic” environment for your beverages! What’s more, the wine cooler comes with an airtight seal glass door, which helps to maintain humidity at the perfect level.

Antarctic Star’s compact, modern design makes it a beautiful addition to your living room. Its 1.6 cubic feet storage space allows it to store a bunch of beverages. Not to mention, there are a few horizontal racks for you to store your drinks much more safely.


Soft LED lighting.

Dual-pane glass door.

Detachable stainless steel shelves for easy cleanup.

Energy efficient.

Intuitive controls

Quiet operation.

1-year warranty.


No thermometer.

Not good for storing standard-sized bottles of wine.

5. NutriChef PKCWC12 Wine Cooler

As one of the best small wine coolers available now, Nutrichef PKCWC12 is capable of storing up to 12 bottles of wine at the same time. Designed using advanced compressor cooling technologies, it is the perfect way to keep your favorite red/white wine chilled for long. What’s more, the product comes with a built-in fan and ventilation grill, which help ensure unobstructed air circulation. This, in turn, makes sure that the storage condition is always at its finest.

One thing that is super convenient about Nutrichef PKCWC12 is its touch-button display, which is available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit metrics. The product’s compact and stylish design makes it a perfect addition to one’s kitchen or living room. And don’t be worried about potential noise – for it operates pretty quietly!


12-bottle storage capacity.

Advanced compressor cooling technologies.

Adjustable temperature control from 41 – 64° F.

Soft-touch control.

Good circulation.

1-year warranty.


More suitable for small and medium-sized bottles.

Some customers report that the interior LED lights do not work properly.

6. Kalamera 15 Inch Wine Cooler

Kalamera 15 Inch Wine Cooler surely packs a punch in terms of storage capacity – it is capable of storing up to 30 bottles (wow, that’s a big deal!). Its spacious space allows you to store larger-sized bottles such as Pinot and Champagne quite effortlessly. For wine enthusiasts, this should be pure good news!

In terms of convenience, the wine cooler is designed with a temperature memory feature – unlike other models that require users to set the temperature again after a power loss, this one will automatically take care of that, thereby saving you lots of time and preventing wine from getting damaged! Thanks to the one-touch button control, operation is pretty simple.


Double-layered glass door.

Stainless steel frame.

Detachable wooden shelves.

Safety lock.


A little bit pricey.

There have been customer reports about faulty models.

7. Phiestina 46 Bottle Wine Cooler

This 46-bottle model from Phiestina is truly one of the best small wine coolers – it features a modern compressor cooling and air duct system, which ensures the perfect storage condition for your wine without producing too much noise. Thanks to the dual-zone design, users are capable of setting 2 separate temperature ranges for the lower and upper zones (50-60 F and 40-50 F, respectively).

One more feature that is worth mentioning is the front-vent-from-kick-plate design, which surely adds a nice, elegant touch to one’s room. With 5 detachable shelves, users are given a lot of freedom in terms of customizing the wine cooler’s structure. No matter what type of drink you want to preserve – water, red, white wine, cocktail, etc. – let Phiestina do the job for you!


Front-vent-from-kick-plate design

Dual-zone design.

Removable shelves.


Energy efficient.

Quite operation.


Some customers report about faulty models that malfunction after 2 weeks.

8. Colzer Upgrade 15 Inch Wine Cooler

Colzer 15-inch wine cooler is designed to provide you with a perfect method to store your favorite wine – specifically, in terms of temperature and humidity control, it will surely not disappoint you! Unlike cheaper models, this one makes sure that all settings will remain stable always.

The wine cooler is spacious enough to store up to 30 standard-sized bottles, which should be more than enough for most wine enthusiasts. But don’t worry if your bottles are bigger-sized – there’s an approximate 3.5-inch space between each shelf for you to slot your bigger bottles in. The product’s removable shelves not only allow for easy cleanup, but also mean that you can customize its layout in whatever way you find appropriate.


International up-to-date cooling technologies.

Vibration absorption to better preserve wine for long.

Compact, stylish design.

Convenient temperature memory feature.

8 to 10-year service life.


Sometimes it does produce a little noise.

9. BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler

Don’t let its size deceive you – in fact, BODEGA wine cooler is capable of storing up 31 bottles at the same time! Whether you need to store wine shortly or for long doesn’t matter – this one makes sure that your favorite beverage will always retain its flavor and taste. Just set the product’s temperature to be within the range of 41-68 degrees F, and it will take care of the job for you!

Designed using state-of-the-art compressor cooling technologies, BODEGA wine cooler provides an ideal storage condition that will remain stable always. Its vibration absorption gear means that users should not be worried too much about annoying noises while it is operating. Thanks to the featured LCD display and intuitive touch controls, you should be able to change its setting effortlessly.


Double-layered glass door.

Carbon filter system.

Smart sensor.

Adjustable feet.

Digital control.

Safety lock.

Compact design.

Can be placed under the counter or used as a freestanding fridge.


Durability is an issue that some customers have reported.

10. Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Let’s move on to the last – but not least – pick in our best small wine cooler review. Whynter WC-201TD is spacious enough to hold up to 20 standard-sized bottles. Thanks to the thermoelectric cooling function, not only does the fridge consume energy efficiently, but it also operates pretty quietly.

In terms of aesthetics, Whynter WC-201TD will not disappoint you either – its sleek, stylish design makes it the perfect addition to one’s room. With this cooler, you are ensured that your favorite beverages will be preserved in the finest condition possible. In case you need to change the temperature setting, take advantage of the LCD display and soft-touch control panel for maximum convenience.


Modern thermoelectric cooling technologies.

Compact, stylish design.

20-bottle storage capacity.

Quiet operation

Precise temperature control.


There have been reports about potential water leakage.

FAQs about Small Wine Cooler

Why use a small wine cooler instead of a large one?

Obviously, a small wine cooler is recommended for those who are concerned about space saving. Not to mention, such coolers can be placed in a variety of places in your house. And remember, small wine coolers are capable of maintaining the temperature range and humidity level much more consistently than larger models.

That said, a smaller size means less space to store bottles. If you want to store a variety of wine, a larger-sized model is worth the consideration.

Are small wine coolers available in different sizes?

Yes. From 10-48 inches, and from 4-30 bottle storage capacity, you have a lot of options to choose from.


As long as you identify yourself as a wine enthusiast, there’s no reason not to have a wine cooler in your house/office. Not only does it help preserve your favorite beverage and protect it from environmental changes, but it also allows you to enjoy your drinks chilled (or warm in some cases). With the availability of several models nowadays, picking one that suits your needs (and budget) may prove to be troublesome for newbies – that’s why we have compiled this best small wine cooler review for you. Hopefully, among the 10 options listed above, at least one will definitely capture your attention.